International Edifying Christ Ministry
Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Our Mission Statement:
Rainbow Children's Home
Our goal is to make the Lord Jesus Christ a living reality in the lives of these precious children. Providing them with the necessities of life and introducing them to Jesus Christ as their only hope for now and eternity.
The Home’s mission is to build confidence and self-respect in each child’s mind and heart, and to replace their uncertainty and fear with a smile and laughter. Also to help them recognized their sacred worth. The Home endeavors to restore a child’s faith in himself, faith in others and faith in God. Our purpose for this orphanage is to raise up witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission comes from the word witness….
Warm each child with arms of love
Introduce them to Jesus Christ; pray for their personal salvation
Train them in the word of God that they might rightly divide truth
Nurture them to Develop spiritually and physically
Educate them with skills needed to be productive in society
Send them out to their own villages to minister the Gospel
Support them with continual prayers and guidance
 Rainbow's Beginning History


   Bro. Scotty McDowell made his first trip to Malawi, Africa in 1997. As he was walking from village to village, preaching the gospel, he came across a lady lying on the ground at the point of death. Bro. Scotty and his interpreter did all they could to minister to the lady, but she was too far gone to respond to the gospel. As Bro. Scotty moved away he passed by a mud hut with a young girl weeping. Her tears cut a clear trail on her dust covered face. Bro. Scotty asked the interpreter why the girl was crying. Bro. Scotty was told that the dying woman was the child’s mother. He then asked what will happen to the girl now. The interpreter said she’s an orphan now; she is at the mercy of her village for survival. Broken by the situation, the Lord said to start and orphanage. For several years Bro. Scotty tried to reason with the Lord because he was already operating an orphanage in another country. But the Lord would not let Bro. Scotty rest until he said yes, Lord. With a word from God, by faith, Bro. Scotty called the ministry, Rainbow Children’s Development Center. In Genesis 9:13, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant to man. As the Rainbow is a reminder of God’s promise as He said in Genesis 9:12 for perpetual generations, also Bro. Scotty’s ministry, International Edifying Christ ministry, has made a promise to provide for the children’s spiritual and physical needs.


               In 2004, IECM began purchasing property for the building of Rainbows facilities. In 2006 our first buildings were completed and we began receiving children, all growing by grace. Also in 2006 Rainbow facilities hosted their first mission team.  And the journey continues by God’s grace.

The Rainbow facilities continues to host mission teams that are working in the surrounding areas to reach the lost for Christ.